Posted on May 13, 2020

HD Roofing and Construction

Why You Should Call a Roofer Before Your Insurance Company?

After storm or heavy rains damage to roofs, homeowners often call insurance companies for guidance and estimates. It may seem like the natural step to take, but it’s not always in the best interest of the homeowner.

Before calling your insurance company, it may be best to contact a roofing company directly. Trusted, licensed and insured roofing companies like us, frequently work directly with insurance companies and understand their processes for estimates.

We at HD Roofing and Construction have the team and expertise to become the best homeowner advocate and we can make sure insurance companies do not take advantage of a homeowner.

There are a many advantages for a homeowner when they call a us before their insurance. The biggest advantage is establishing an ally to help them show the insurance company what is the situation with the roof, we are the experts finding and presenting natural damage.

Now that the hurricane season is only 2 weeks apart and with an active storm in the Atlantic approaching Florida, we encourage all homeowners to take the opportunity of a free roof inspection with our roof experts, and that will ensure your roof is up to the challenge or ready to call for a claim.

We are the experts in storm and hurricane damage restoration.
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