Posted on May 8, 2020

HD Roofing and Construction

A roof inspection was performed on a home in Orlando Florida to determine what roof repairs were most needed. Our roof inspection found that the home had a bad roof that required roof repairs. When we perform a roof inspection on a roof like this, we often find missing and broken asphalt shingles, and wood deck exposures in the keyways of the shakes, also exposed nails were found on this roof. Our roof inspection ended on us recommending four big roof repairs to replace the missing and damaged shingles to prevent further wood exposures.

Please see our roof inspection video in Orlando Florida.
Roof Inspection & Roof Repairs Video
Another roof inspection was performed by us in Kissimmee Florida, to find any needed roof repairs, this time the homeowner noticed two stains on his ceiling. This roof inspection found a home with a 2-layer shingle roof. Yes!, new wood can be replaced and it should. That client is now happy. Contact us for a roof inspection to determine if your roof is bad or is ok and if it needs any roof repairs. Visit our Orlando Florida roof inspection video for more information.

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